What's New in Core Grammar for Lawyers

Updated May 16, 2019

If you liked Core Grammar for Lawyers before, you'll love it now. When you sign on, you'll see a new look and feel, but you'll also find the same effective content and learning strategies that have worked so well in the past.

New Design

Core Grammar for Lawyers has been updated with a new and modernized design. Whether on a desktop computer or a mobile device, students and teachers alike are spending more time than ever reading on screens. We designed CGL's new look to be flexible—offering the same features and capabilities on all devices—and, most importantly, easy to read. We have increased font sizes throughout CGL and worked to make every page aesthetically pleasing and educationally effective. We're very excited to share CGL's new look, and we hope you like it too!

All of the same features are still here and easier to use than ever. From the Bookshelf and Dashboard to Lessons and Exercises, everything is where you expect to find it. Instructions for adopting, signing up, and logging in all remain the same.

New Features

  • Teaching Assistants: CGL now supports Teaching Assistant accounts. Faculty users can now easily invite students or others to have limited access to view select classes. For more information, see the Faculty Guide in the Support menu.
  • Blueprint Learning Objectives: Formerly located in the Teacher's Manual, you can now access the CGL Blueprint at any time through the Support menu. The Blueprint provides an outline and list of learning objectives for each Lesson.
  • Enhanced Glossary, Rules Index, and Resources: These popular pages have all been updated and made easier to access.
  • Updated Style Manuals: We are still following the latest editions of the Bluebook and ALWD Guide to Legal Citation (now in the 6th edition) in all Lessons, Exercises, and test questions. All content is fully up to date.
  • New Student and Faculty Guides: These new guides provide answers to many commonly asked questions about learning with CGL.